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About Us

The past 30 years René de Bonth Administraties en Belastingadviezen has grown to a full size tax advisors office for entrepreneurs and individuals. In order to provide full service to our growing foreign costumer base, we started taxreturnexpats.nl. 


We believe in a personal and professional approach. Our advisors are fluent in English and we try to make every advice suitable for your situation.

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Are you curious about the possibilities to let us file your tax return? Or are you an entrepreneur that wants to start a business? Are you looking for a tax advisor in the region Eindhoven or Den Bosch? Please contact us then via +31 73 5119038 or send us a message through our contact form.

We strive to answer you withing 24 hours. You are always welcome to have a cup of coffee without obligation.


Freequently Asked Questions

I came to the Netherlands, do I have to fill in a tax return?

Only when the tax authorities have sent you an invitation, you have to file a tax return. But they only send you an invitation, when they expect that you have to pay additional taxes. In every other case, it’s possible that you can receive an amount due to your tax return. So in every case, it can be wise to check if it’s worth doing a tax return.

When do i have to do a tax return?

In case of an m-form, you can file it whenever you want or when the tax authorities have sent you an invitation.

In case of a normal tax return, the deadline is the 1st of May. In case you haven’t received an invitation, you can send it any time.

I have never submitted a tax return, can I still do it?

Yes, you can! Up till 5 years after the tax year, you can still submit it.

I have submitted my tax return, when do I hear anything from the tax authorities??

In most cases the tax authorities strize to let you know something within 3 month. In theory, they can take up till 3 years.

Can I get some allowances (huurtoeslag, zorgtoeslag, kindgebonden budget, kinderopvangtoeslag)?

It depends on your situation. The laws for allowances can be very complicated, but worth checking it. Please contact one of our advisors to see if you can apply.

I have a partner, do we have to declare taxes together?

It depends, when you’re married or when you have bought a house together, the answer is: yes. Also when you have a kid aged below 18 living with you, you have to declare together. When in doubt, please contact our advisors to find out if you are fiscal partners.

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Why Choose US

It's all about you

We believe in a personal approach, so that every advice we give you is fit to your needs.

Fluent English

Our advisors speak fluent English and can help you without communcation flaws.

Experienced advisors

We have dealt with a lot of tax returns for expats the past years. Our experience can help you to benefit optimal from all the possibilities in the laws.

We are Available 24/7!