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Tax Return

Avoid a lot of hussle and let us take care of your tax return!


Your first tax return will most likely be a migration form.

Tax return

Let us take of your tax return so you don’t have to worry about paying too much tax!


Find out if you can benefit from the allowances the Dutch government has.

M-form Eindhoven Den Bosch

Migration form


First year you lived in the Netherlands

The first you started to live in the Netherlands, you will have to fill in an Migration-form (M-form). This is a special type of tax return that cannot be submitted online.

Migration date

The migration date is essential for your M-form. Let’s say you moved to the Netherlands on the 1st of March 2018. Basically this means you will have to do 2 tax returns. One in the Netherlands for the period 1st of March until the 31st of December. The other one in your home country from the first of January until the 28th of February.

Am i obliged to submit an M-form?

It depends. If the tax authorities have sent you an invitation, you will have to submit an M-form. If you haven’t received an invitation, you don’t have to submit one. But, it can be wise to do so. In those cases you most likely can receive some money back!

Tax return Eindhoven Den Bosch

Tax return

Tax return

A normal tax return

After your first year living in the Netherlands, you will have to submit a normal tax return. In some cases it can be wise to let a professional take a look at your tax return:

You have bought or sold a house

In the Netherlands you can deduct some costs that you paid when you have bought or sold a house. Also, the interest of your mortgage is deductable.

You did'nt work the whole year

This probably means you can get some money back from the tax authorities.

You have your own business

When you have your own business, your tax return gets more complicated. Think of VOF, eenmanszaak, BV.

Your capital is considerable

Do .

Allowances Healthcare Rent allowance



What are allowances?

The Dutch government has several kinds of financial contributions to support people in their daily life. These benefits are called allowances and are mostly meant for people with a lower income.

Healthcare allowance

Residents in the Netherlands are obliged to be insured for healthcare. These insurances can be quite expensive. In order to make sure that everyone can pay it, the government has an allowance for healthcare insurance.

Rent allowance

When you have a lower income and a low rent, you might be able to apply for rent allowance. This allowance can be up to +/- € 300 per month, so it’s definitely worth checking!

Child benefits

If you have children, there are several benefits you can apply for. They are called: Child benefit, childcare benefit and children’s allowance.

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